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HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.

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If you order Canine Cancer SECRETS right now, I'll also throw in this additional bonus!

Included with the amazing information you get in Canine Cancer SECRETS package, you'll also get this interview I did with celebrity vet Dr Chris Cauble...

(also seen on Animal Planet and Jack Hanna's Animal Animal Adventures)

...about canine cancer signs, cause, cures, prevention, treatments, costs and much more.

It's a new addition but already a hit with cancer dog owners because of the the helpful advice he gives.

Now you can get your own copy free when you order today.

Here's to our happy & healthy dogs,


Yes! I want to get immediate risk-free access to "Canine Cancer SECRETS"

  • A complete guide to getting my dog through cancer so we can have many more years of quality life together.

  • Including treatment advice & options

  • Including cancer specific recipes

  • Including treatment specific recipes

  • and much more!

Also, since I am ordering now I will receive the following 5 bonuses totally FREE:

Bonus 1

"How to Treat the Emotional Causes of Your Dog's Cancer - Audio Recording AND Transcript":

Because what holistic vets have known for years & modern science is beginning to validate is that traumatic diseases like cancer have an emotional component which if treated can have dramatic positive effects on the recovery of your dog. ($67.00 Value)

Bonus 2

"How to Treat the Emotional Causes of Your Dog's Cancer - Professional Transcript"

So I can read back for greater detail, note taking & comprehension ($30.00 Value)


Bonus 3

"Interview with a Vet About Canine Cancer - Audio Recording"

Because getting the one-on-one time with a vet to answer all my cancer questions would cost hundreds of dollars but Andrew has already done it for me & is giving me a free copy to save me time, money & help my dog in its recovery. (Value $47.00)

Bonus 4

"Interview with a Vet About Canine Cancer Audio Recording & Transcript"

So I can read back for greater detail, note taking & comprehension ($20.00 Value)


Bonus 5

AND FREE Life Time Updates to New Editions of Canine Cancer SECRETS

So I'll always have access to the most recent canine cancer advice as Andrew's team continues to improve and update them, forever ($127 value).

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If within 60 days, I have not experienced an extraordinary improvement in my dog's health following the feeding advice and recipes in Canine Cancer SECRETS, or if I am dissatisfied with Canine Cancer SECRETS in anyway, my refund request will be honored instantly.

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Get An Extra $287 of Essential Information
When You Upgrade to the Canine Cancer SECRETS
EDO Pack For Only $19.95 by Checking the Box Above

We've created the EDO Upgrade Pack so you can really be as effective as possible in helping your dog beat cancer.

The book and interviews you find in the EDO Upgrade Pack cover the final 2 elements in a comprehensive cancer defensive:

  1. Proven & scientifically supported alternative cures for dog cancer because there is much more that can be done to help your dog besides what the vet is doing
  2. First-hand accounts from cancer dog owners that share what worked and what didn't work with their dogs because you can't afford trial-&-error with your own dog (see below)

These are the 3 SPECIAL materials you receive in addition to the Standard Pack when you upgrade to the EDO (Excellent Dog Owner) pack by checking the box before clicking the Add to Cart button:

These are REAL cures, with PROVEN
results at a FRACTION of the cost
of mainstream medicine

Value: $67.00

The Top 10 Alternative Cures For Canine Cancer

For each of the 10 evidence supported, alternative cures for canine cancer you discover:

  • What it is
  • What it does
  • How it is given to a patient
  • Success Stories others have had with the treatment
  • Evidence of effectiveness through medical case studies (excerpts)

We genuinely want to help you help your dog so we created this special book so you can do your own healing at home & not leave it ALL to the vet.

(this book by itself is better than what some other websites are selling for $47 but you can upgrade now for this & the product below for only $19.95)


Hear what worked & what didn't & even
what happens when you do nothing!

Value: $135.00 (5 x $27)

Canine Cancer Chronicles Vol1 Interviews 1- 5 Audios

Hear 5 cancer dog owners answer discuss:

  • What types of cancer their dog had
  • What treatments they tried
  • The costs of the treatments
  • The side effects of the treatments
  • And if their dog recovered

A couple of the owners had amazing results

[Click here to read more about 'The Canine Cancer Chronicles Vol 1, 1-5']


Professional transcript of each interview
because so details are so important
you need to read back to get it all

Value: $85.00 (5 x $17)

Canine Cancer Chronicles Vol1 Interviews 1- 5 Professional Transcripts

Some of the interviewees had amazing success with specific herbal extracts and remedies so we've had each interview professionally transcribed so you can read it back & get all the details.


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